Why I'm giving my vote

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I love this project as a question - it wont produce all the answers at this election, but it raises the questions: what does democracy mean in an increasingly linked up global system?... what do nations mean in that context and are nations are a good framework for government?... what might international or global democratic decision making look like?... what does voting mean and how much influence or power do votes have?... women won the vote in Feb 1918, after a long hard struggle, but there are still millions of people affected by British elections who don't have the vote... what responsibility do we have to other people affected by our decisions?... it raises all these issues in a really simple eloquent question - do you want to give your vote?

Xen Hasan

Primarily because I believe that the most devastating consequences of poor UK policy are usually felt outside of the country’s borders and outside of its democratic process. In my mind this undermines democracy. I hope that this campaign will help to make UK politicians more accountable to the major losers of globalisation.

I also hope that this campaign plays a part in reaching the realisation of a much more ambitious ideal: that of a real, global political system where the rights of people in every corner of the world are represented and, importantly, where global business can be effectively regulated as to ensure the well being of those currently effected both directly and indirectly by inhumane business ventures and to generally ensure business is both socially and environmentally sustainable.

David Carter
London, United Kingdom

I'm not giving my vote. I live in a very close-run swing constituency, and believe that a hung parliament would add weight to the demand for long-overdue electoral reform in the UK. However, I feel that improved national democracy is only one piece of a much bigger global puzzle, and fully support the Give Your Vote campaign for raising the issue of global interconnectedness. Strange to find myself half-wishing that I lived in a Conservative safe seat ...


I'm giving my vote because our economic policy affects Ghana, especially since the discovery of oil and the recent corruption scandals with Vodafone.

Our climate policy effects Bangladesh hugely due to the danger of flooding and of course our foreign policy effects the people of Afghanistan a great deal.

Giving my vote will allow myself and others to engage with groups and individuals in countries which Britiain is exploiting in different ways, and help to build a collective network of resistance to this exploitation.

Adam Elliot-Cooper
London, United Kingdom
Brixton, London

I remember thinking, when America went to the polls, that I wished they would consider the rest of the world when voting. However, so many Americans when interviewed seemed to be totally blinded to the fact that what they did with their vote would influence so much more than just their small patch of American soil. Now it is our turn, and I do not want to be blinkered into thinking that my vote only effects my small patch if the UK. In this global world how I vote will have a huge impact on those people living in the poorest countries, so it makes complete sense to me to let these people have a say in how I vote, and how the UK will work to change the face of global politics.

Rachel Alcock