Why give your vote?

Give your vote for a radical change.

We think we can do better than a world where politicians from the most powerful countries decide for everyone else.

The UK makes decisions about climate change, migration, poverty and war that directly affect millions around the world. There is no democratic means for those outside the UK to have a say in how these decisions are made.

Giving your vote is an act of solidarity with those who do not have a say in the decisions that affect them.

Decisions taken across borders should not mean decisions taken without accountability.

Give your vote is a call for a fairer and more equal world.

So why these countries?


There are 9,000 British soldiers in Afghanistan. Decisions about the deployment of troops, engagement with the Taliban and aid distribution directly affect the people of Afghanistan. These decisions are often made in Westminster.

“Democracy to me means being able to be a part of what is happening in my country. Who is making the decisions in Afghanistan, why can I not elect them?” - Reza Khateb, Youth worker in Kabul

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It is estimated that up to 1000 people a day are being displaced in Bangladesh as a direct result of climate change. As a nation with a big responsibility for causing climate change, and a global leader in pursuing climate solutions, the UK has the ability to make a significant impact on the future of Bangladesh.

"I know that this island is sinking because of the pollution from Western countries - I do not want our villages and our voices to disappear unheard." - Atique Chowdhary, coastal worker on Bhola, an island off the coast of Bangladesh

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Government-subsidised UK produce exported to Ghana undercuts local produce putting Ghanaian farmers out of business. They’re not just in competition with UK farmers, they’re in competition with the UK government, and that’s not a fair competition.

“With one hand we receive aid with the other we are dealt laws we cannot change – we want a voice not pity” – Philip Ayamba, Sustainable Farmer, Bolgatanga, Ghana

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