The A-Team (The ABGUK Team in fact)

Give Your Vote is run by volunteers in the UK, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana who are passionate about equality and democracy in our inter-connected world.

Give Your Vote is an Egality project.

Team UK is Ghulam, May, James, Clemmie, Osama, Mercedes, Mikey, Shey, Filip, Zahra, Llwelyn, David(x2), Ryan, Steve, Matt, Ethesham, Fiona, Fatima

James Sadri is a political researcher born in Tehran at the very moment that the Iranian revolution was kicking off. His first revolutionary activity was setting up a lucrative jokes website at the age of 14 - before Google existed.

May Abdalla is a documentary filmmaker who has made films about Muslim punks in America, Iraq dinar dealers in the Home Counties and most recently spent a year following Syrian school children growing up in a country toying tentatively with the limits of Nationalism.

Clemmie James is an artist who has been involved in environmentalist projects for the past 10 years. Following a stint on the island of Tuvalu last summer Clemmie set up Climate Friend a project linking the people affected by climate change and those dedicating themselves to mitigating its effects. She also designs jewelery and sustainable music and art events.

Imran Jamal is an ambassador for positive thinking at the coal face of political change working with the youth of east London. He'd rather we held back on exporting democracy till we figured out how to get it right at home.

Ghulam Sarwar is a civil engineer from Kabul who likes to dabble in poetry and fine art. For the past three years he's been keeping a scrap book of all Afghanistan-related news stories trying to predict what will come next. After realising that to make sure it'd be good news he'd have to get personally involved, he joined the Give Your Vote Team.

Mikey Lear is a not an activist. Possibly so non-active that he could be described as a passivist. He drinks a lot of tea and is hoping to make a career out of it by putting a cafe round him while he drinks.

Shimri Zamaret spent two years in an Israeli jail after refusing to serve with the armed forces. Whilst incarcerated he thought long and hard about how to radically improve global governance and is now studying this full time at the LSE.

Agnes Agyepong was on the track to a glamorous career in entertainment PR when she went out to Washington for Obama's campaign and was inspired to change tack. During the hard times, Agnes advice is to remember Obama's days in Chicago.

Team Ghana is Kofi, Kojo, Philip, Ken, Rick, Becky Gloria, Mick, Aboulai

Team Afghanistan is Reza, Sarawar, Zahra and Hussain

Team Bangladesh is Doha, Atique, Lisa, Borhan, Atiqul

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