Nobel laureate and peace activist

"I have lived through apartheid in my country. In our struggle against injustice, we didn’t fight for hand-outs. We fought for an equal voice and for the power to make our own choices.

We are now facing a global apartheid, in which the richest dominate global decision-making, often to the detriment of the poorest.

Many of the problems we face in the world are interconnected. Pollution in one country becomes devastating floods in others, making millions homeless. A banking crisis in one corner of the world quickly engulfs us all. Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will impact cities far away, with repercussions that fracture our global community.

But who decides how we address these problems? Sidelined from the decisions are those who live on the frontlines of climate change, poverty and war.

We need to rethink our politics for today's world. We must strive for a global democracy, in which not only the rich and the powerful have a say, but which treats everyone, everywhere with dignity and respect.

I support Give Your Vote because it is exciting, brave and emphasises our common humanity. It is a radical call for a world where all human beings have an equal say in the politics that affect them."

Professor at LSE and Warwick University

'Give Your Vote' challenges us to reinvent meaningful democracy for today's more global world. Let's give it a go.

Author and Founder of the Oxford Research Group

“Give Your Vote is a real cutting edge idea, and people will find it edgy. Good. Think about it. It’s a practical way of tackling the fact that our world is, whether we like it or not, interconnected and interlinked in every possible way.”

Broadcaster, journalist and human rights activist

"Just weeks before the general election, UK voters are more alienated from politics than ever. Polls show only 44% of the UK public are "absolutely certain" to vote. While 18% said that they were "certain not to vote". The 'Give your Vote' campaign will shake this election up and send a long overdue shudder of responsibility through Whitehall. British policies on climate change, the so called 'war on terror' and global poverty effect millions far beyond Brighton or Scarborough. Shake off your apathy, chat with would be voters from Bangladesh, Ghana and Afghanistan and let's make Britain the proud first ever exponent of international democracy."

Actor and musician

"If capitalism knows no boundaries then neither do I."

British satirist and acclaimed radio and tv producer

"Millions of people in the Third World are directly affected
by decisions made in Westminster, yet they have no vote. Meanwhile,
millions of UK voters feel disenfranchised by the British voting
system, and are unable to support any party. The Give Your Vote
project is a simple and effective way to put the two together, to
allow voices from the Third World the chance to be heard in the First

If you feel your vote is worthless, then why not donate it to
someone at the sharp end of decisions made in Westminster?"

Eminent Bangladeshi Economist and member of the Nobel-winning UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) team

''In the highly iniquitous global order, the developed countries call all the shots. They have been responsible for the devastating climate change, which is now the greatest threat to Humankind and the planet Earth itself, with the poor countries and poor people being the worst sufferers.

They are now dithering, using all tricks to shun their responsibility. In this background, Give Your Vote campaign is a brave and great idea. it invokes the inherent equality of all human beings to take part in global, political, economic and climate change related decisions by developed countries, that affect their lives and livelihoods. ''

Founder, and FrontlineSMS

"In an increasingly connected World, decisions made on one side of the planet can often have far-reaching consequences on the other - decisions on everything from international agricultural policy through to foreign aid, the arms trade or the war on terror. Using the power of the mobile phone and Internet to cut through political and cultural barriers, citizens affected by these decisions - for good or for bad - can be given the chance to have their own say on many of the far-flung decisions which affect their lives. "Give Your Vote" is an incredibly simple yet powerful concept, and one which seems increasingly relevant in the interconnected world we find ourselves living in today".

Writer, political and environmental activist

“This is a brilliant initiative which busts politics out of its parochial box. Give Your Vote fully grasps what it means to think globally and act locally.”