Lauren Booth

Broadcaster, journalist and human rights activist

"Just weeks before the general election, UK voters are more alienated from politics than ever. Polls show only 44% of the UK public are "absolutely certain" to vote. While 18% said that they were "certain not to vote". The 'Give your Vote' campaign will shake this election up and send a long overdue shudder of responsibility through Whitehall. British policies on climate change, the so called 'war on terror' and global poverty effect millions far beyond Brighton or Scarborough. Shake off your apathy, chat with would be voters from Bangladesh, Ghana and Afghanistan and let's make Britain the proud first ever exponent of international democracy."


Bangladesh certainly has problems, but sea level rise has nothing to do with them. The coastal problems in Bangladesh are due to massive reosion and deposition. Prof Nils Axel Morner of Stockholm University has spent 30 years in the field carrying out sea-level measurements. Neither has sea level risen in Tuvalu, Vanuatu or the Maldive Islands. The man-made global warming hoax is the greatest lie ever told. There is big money behind it. Bangladeshis have no right to vote in British elections as I have no right to vote in theirs.