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Will you add your voice to those campaigning for the provision of adequate funding for public alternatives to the needless privatization of water and sanitization infrastructure development in Ghana and other parts of Afrika and the World?

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  • Submitted by Mikey Lear, Lewes on Tuesday, 13 April @ 12.09 pm

    Yes. It is quite clear that privatisation of such services means that many poor people are excluded from what should be universal services in Ghana and everywhere else. They are vital to health and well-being and I find it shocking that financial aid from the World bank and others often carries provisos about freeing up such services to competition from big multi-national companies. The Green Party is committed to increasing the aid budget to 1% of GDP, but we would like to ensure that it is channelled to the poorest by providing basic services that are free or heavily subsidised.

    -Susan Murray, Green Party