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There is a widespread feeling that UK foreign policy treats Bangladesh as a subordinate partner. Why do you think we feel that way? What would you do to change it?

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  • Submitted by Mikey Lear, Lewes on Tuesday, 13 April @ 9.19 am

    A lot of this attitude is presumably left over from colonial times when the UK thought that it was superior in every way and should bring all the benefits of civilisation UK style to those it ruled over. Once such a relationship has been established it can be hard to change mind-set and understand instead that we are fellow human beings sharing one planet and that we all deserve our fair share of limited resources and an equal voice in making that happen. We need to understand that our actions have created some of the problems suffered in Bangladesh. On climate change, for example, we must accept that our carbon emissions are creating floods, cyclones and other problems in their country. We must allow Bangladesh a full say in the international climate negotiations and we must provide help of the kind requested by local communities there (ie not what we think we know is best).

    -Susan Murray, Green Party