We can provide print, radio and TV interviews, and commentary on all aspects of the Give Your Vote campaign that will run for approximately 6 weeks in the UK - from mid-march to Election Day.

Launch Day in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana will be on 30th March and World UK Vote day will be held on the 30th April.

We can provide UK vote donors from across the country for local and regional news and feature pieces.

* Email: press[@]
* Phone: 07956 813 532 or 0776 855 3982 or 0757 061 0939

For general contact inquires please email team[@]

Press Releases

28th April 2010
Thousands of British citizens let Afghans (and others) vote in their place

18th April 2010
Leaders Foreign Policy Debate to be broadcast on the streets of Kabul

14th April 2010
Nobel Peace Prize winning IPCC member back Give Your Vote

6th April 2010
Elect the leaders who rule from the UK - Use a UK Vote calls a "Global UK Election"

31st March 2010
Afghans demand answers in the UK "global election hack"

14th March 2010
Desmond Tutu and Keith Allen back campaign for UK voters to give their votes

10th March 2010
Give Your Vote... to someone in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana