Watch this video - will you give your vote?


We went out on a Saturday and asked people what they thought of the idea.

Check out their responses in this short YouTube clip.



I'm so bored living in a democracy, let's destroy it. You def have my vote!

This is a crazy idea, laying the whole electoral process open to fraud due to the lack of any controls on who votes, and also producing the potential for the gullible individuals who 'give their vote' to be given false information.

There is very, very little chance of voter fraud. The process makes sure that people can't 'sell' their vote. Not sure what and how false information will be given but as a non-partisan project it serves no purpose to do so.

I will give my Vote

Great idea, let's shake up our stale so called democracy!

this is the best video i saw this year

This makes me love the Brits! Nice people!