Voting has started!


It's finally happening! Thousands around the world are voting today in the UK election - united by a mobile phone to vote with and a determination to make our world more equal.

Voting lines are open, and people are sending their votes in from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana.

In Dhaka in Bangladesh, people formed a human chain to call for democracy in a globalised world.

Ghana celebrates the historic event with a raucous street carnival headlined by Blakk Rasta of 'Barack Obama' hit single fame. He performed it to the man himself last year. 'Obama made us feel part of the world's decisions - but let us make them ourselves.'

Meanwhile, in Kabul, Osama is driving around with a megaphone - his rousing speeches are drawing the crowds and inspiring people such as Abdel.

Be part of a real revolution of democracy - Give your vote now!