Use a UK Vote comes to Kabul


Kabul, Afghanistan---The ‘Use a UK Vote’ campaign was inaugurated with meetings, murals, interviews and great curiosity in both Ghana and Bangladesh last week. The variety of responses from those countries has shown the colourful ways in which every community responds differently to the campaign. The third of our launch countries, Afghanistan, gathered to discuss the initiative on Friday.

An official public gathering was held in Kabul on Friday 7th April, led by two Use a UK Vote co-ordinators, Reza and Shakib. The venue was Star Educational Society and the outdoor presentation was attended by many students and teachers.

"Would you like to vote in the UK election? - Would you like to use the vote of a British citizen in their own election given to you?"

Almost a hundred attended and listened avidly to the presentation given by Reza and Shakib.

"Why would they give us their votes?" "Would any British politician listen to the Afghan people?" came the questions.
"Why would we need another election? What good is an election?"

The message that people in the UK and in Bangladesh and Ghana were becoming part of a global movement for poltiical equality and that they were invited to join was inspiring.

"How would it work? How can we vote in a country so far from our own?

And Reza explained that by sending a text message someone in the UK could act out their votes.

The world is much smaller than we once imagined. Here's to a vibrant three weeks of debate in Afghanistan as the Use a UK vote campaign sparks the imagination about democracy beyond borders.