Thank you for making history


Last week democracy broke through borders - thanks to you.

You've been part of something simple yet powerful, radical yet beautiful.

Six months ago there was an idea.

Six days ago, people from different nationalities, religions, and cultures around the world came together in an act of solidarity unparalleled in our divided world.

Those who took part, sent a brave message - we want a new way of acting with one another as equals.

This campaign is just the beginning. It is grassroots and built on the energy and actions of people like you.

Around the world people responded to the fact that many of you were ready to give others your voice for a more equal world.

Watch this message to the people of Britain from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana.

We're compiling a book with all the stories, messages and responses from those who took part.

We really want to know what Give Your Vote meant to you.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts on the world's first cross-border election, get in touch at team [@]