Results from the World's First Cross-Border Election are in!


After a full weekend of voting in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana the results are in.

Have a look at the breakdown of how people voted, and if you've given your vote, you'll receive a text message at 1830 today saying which party to vote for.

Have a look at the results here:



Apologies for the viruses .. someone hacked our website and it's taken ages to fix :(

The breakdown is under the charts on the results page

I am concerned that a number of people have asked about the turnout numbers, etc, but you fail to post the results or a response. This is not the way to proceed if you wish to do this again!

I too am interested in how many people actually voted from Afghanistan, Ghana and Bangladesh and how their votes were allocated across the UK.
How were the voters in these countries matched their representatives in the UK - and at what stage were they partnered up?
Percentages are all well and good, but I would like to see a breakdown of the votes.

Your website is full of viruses

Can we have a breakdown of numbers of votes as well as percentages please? I'd like to see what the turnout was in each country.