GHANA: Elect The Leaders Who Rule Us From Britain!


Agnes' missives from Give Your Vote Ghana...
To mark the launch of the Use a UK Vote campaign we constructed a mural on La Wireless in La to raise awareness about the current unequal division of democracy on the international level. Getting the mural ready was exciting and adrenalin inducing as we had to get it completed within 48 hours. Jheeze… we hadn't even purchased the tools yet! But true to form and with the commitment of a great team the mural was completed within 24 hours and with time to spare!

The mural has been receiving so much attention and not just by people within the community but passers by as well as the media and politicians. Children stop and stare with wide eyes pointing fingers and wondering who are these guys and why are they here in Accra, Ghana? The mural really has been a great catalyst for starting discussion on the real subject matter of global democracy and the UKs role in shaping the international system.