GHANA: Direct from London to Labadi


Agnes' missives from the Give Your Vote Campaign in Accra:

I arrived in the humid heat of darkness at approximately 11pm where I was picked up by Kojo and Richardson, two local activists from La, Accra. The humidity of the nights air soon brought the glow back into my face after a long day of flying and stop overs. After dropping my luggage off at my accommodation I was taken on a nights stroll around the La area to get a sense and feel of the community. With La you don't have to look far to see the disparities between the 'big men' as they are referred to here in their 4 by 4 SUVs and the majority who are barely making a livg to survive, the tin shack houses facing the luxury mansions opposite speak enough for that.

The night is peaceful and quiet with the occasional taxi and car speeding past. In the near distance a man can be heard shouting out loud passionately, it reverberates quickly in the still night as I look around curiously trying to figure out what the noise is all about. Kojo and Richardson do not even look up and keep on walking as normal as for them such outbursts are normal. It turns out he was praying.

Labadi, or La as it is more commonly known is a peaceful place at night. Around each corner a little secret awaits. On one street corner youngsters hang around laughing and dancing together. Music blares out of cars and tin shacked shops whilst others swag around with drinks in hand. On another street abandoned children sleep outside on the concrete floors. I am told that most of these children would not have had any food to eat today. They lay there innocent and oblivious to any other type of life. A life where they will have equal opportunities to all other children around the world. Its moments like this when the whole campaign is brought into perspective, when the enormity of the challenge ahead is put into clarity. What opportunity do these children have to live a life equal to that of any other child in the world in a system that favors a few at the expense of many? Global democracy is not just a fight for the issues of today … but for the lives and the issues that will be around tomorrow.