Canadian Tar Sands = Global Problem


Passed the Canadian embassy on my way in today.

If you don't know about the Tar Sands project in Canada, it's an environmental disaster.

So why the protest today? A high-level delegation from the Canadian government is being hosted by UK Trade and Investment, a government department that exists to promote the interests of British industry. They'll be meeting with Shell, BP, RBS and others as part of a multi-country PR tour.

The Tar Sands disaster is destroying indigenous communities in Canada. It's also destroying our planet, contributing to climate chaos that affects people who the Canadian government and UK business are utterly unaccountable to.

Is that democratic?

- J



i've heard about this before - the Cooperative Bank and others run campaigns on this, getting people all over the world to try to put pressure on their MPs to pressure the Canadian government, or trying to pressure the Canadian government directly.

Looking at it from the perspective of global decisions and (lack of) global decision making puts it in a whole new light - how is campaigning via NGOs legitimate and ok when (judging from some of the comments on your facebook page) people don't accept the concept behind GYB? Surely it's fairer for all concerned to just widen the democratic process, rather than putting power behind unelected NGOs?