The BNP and EDL are onto us!


It was going to come sooner or later. The spitting rage of the BNP has been unleashed on our campaign for a more equal world.

The post on their blog is generating more characteristic racism (190 comments and counting) than anything else they have on there.

Along with their pals from the EDL they've been spreading their vitriol all over forums and our Facebook page.

We don't mind. We'd rather be standing with the heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle than the likes of Nick Griffin and his pals.

As Desmond Tutu says, "We need to rethink our politics for today's world. We must strive for a global democracy, in which not only the rich and the powerful have a say, but which treats everyone, everywhere with dignity and respect."

Who doesn't support that?

- James



You should collect all their emails and later publish them as a book.

why would they do would shatter the myth that they're "nuckle draggers."

I am concerned that the adopted voters choice will be recorded and legally official as a financial transaction is made to complete the process. Then if the vote count for labour in a jurisdiction is less than the data base shows for adopted labour votes, the other parties votes may be removed proportionaly under a voter fraud law. People who intend to take an adopted labour vote for the money and then vote differently on the day need to be aware. Im sure this is an underhanded labour party trick to stay in power.

The process has been run past the electoral commission and they do they do see anything wrong.
People who vote will not be in touch with each other directly and there is no chance for any financial transaction to take place.
Any party crying fraud because they haven't won because they expected to, well I guess that's the beauty of the secret ballot. People have the right to choose who they vote for and don't have to disclose their choice.

What's funny is that the BNP don't realise that they are also losing out to a global system running out of control.

Higher walls will not make them (or their jobs) safer from unchecked global markets.