And we're off!


So today we launch this campaign.

It's already ruffling feathers and inspiring people, which can only be a good thing.

To have such powerful words of support from Desmond Tutu has helped us all, as we've tried to coordinate volunteer teams in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ghana and the UK.

But this is just the start, there are sure to be lots of tricky tests to come.

We really hope you join us over the next couple of months - whether you give your vote or not - and be part of the debate.

The Give Your Vote team x

PS the website is an organic beast, it will be growing as it feeds on content. Lots of fun features coming soon..



What an astonishingly stupid idea.Do these would be voters in far off lands pay taxes in this country?No? they why should they have the right to vote for its govt?

Maybe it's because they don't pay taxes UK policy directly or indirectly impacts their life. It's a good enough reason for me, to highlight this inequality!

What a ridiculous idea. Why should I give my vote to someone thousand of miles away so they can elect someone to represent MY constituency? This would be the start of a very long and very dangerous slippery slope.

Simple, because your MP from YOUR constituency has an impact on the lives of people thousands of miles away.

Congratulations to the organizers, a beautiful website! Rock-it on!