10 Reasons to Give Your Vote

  1. Because democracy is important. Even though it’s been bandied around for the last decade as a stick to beat our enemies with. Instead of a missile sent to change regimes or liberation bathed in bloodshed, perhaps a democracy would be better “exported” though acting out its values of equality and respect.
  2. Because once every 4 years we’re meant to be in charge of the system. And instead of being part of the multi-million pound media spin of an election campaign to decide between parties that barely differ you can bend the rules to inspire a new way of thinking. And remind the politicians that we, the people are the ones who decide.
  3. Because it's a way to make your vote powerful, and amplify the voice of someone who without it is left counting on sympathy rather the respect of an equal.
  4. Because if 100 years ago thousands of men in the UK had offered their votes to the women maybe now there’d be a little less bad blood between the sexes about rights and who's fighting who for what.
  5. Because our government is very happy for us to debate what we spend on hospitals, school and broken pavements but when it comes to global issues, politicians from Britain go and make those decisions behind closed doors. Did I elect them to do that? I don’t think so.
  6. Because pollution doesn't carry passports.
  7. Because capitalism has no borders.
  8. Because a tank doesn’t need a visa to cross a border but a refugee needs one to get out of his way.
  9. Because dumping money on people is not the answer to poverty, especially not when those deciding how to spend it are far from those who need it the most. In our society we achieved progress - free education, healthcare and equal rights for the sexes - once we had established an electorate of equals.
  10. Because when you tell people the world is not fair they say – well what are you going to do about it – and maybe this time there is something you can do.

Got any others? Add them below.



I would have liked to do this (pledging my vote to someone in Afghanistan - preferably to someone who is opposed to the war there). I tried to do it but I am an electromagnetic Luddite. I don't use a mobile phone. Therefore I haven't got a "valid mobile phone number". I have got a valid e-mail address (I'm not a complete techno-Luddite). The vote pledging thing is a very good idea. It is a pity that I wasn't able to do it.

Incidently, since someone on your website asked the question. The reason why most of the UK "aid", and troops, go to Helmand, is because there is a proposal to build a gas pipeline, through Helmand province, to Kandahar - and beyond.

As an Afghan young my views about coming election of UK reflected here, as the UK government plays a vital rule as an important stakeholder of government of Afghanistan and directly effected from UK internal and external policies countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India are mostly effected but unfortunately never ever the people of these countries find and chance to subject their problem with the UK politician leaders, but world-Vote provided this chance to this people to provide their concerns to the politician of UK.
Here in short I would like to point out some of the policies of UK in the Afghanistan for the ages, which were not having the fruits for Afghanistan neither for UK.
The UK government mostly having the attention most on the people called big brother, and other ethnic groups are forgotten or kept a side. Which mostly had negative impact the clear example could be the presence of UK Military in the provinces such as Helmand and Kandahar, and running mega projects in the mentioned provinces. Still the UK government not having their good picture in the mind of the people living in this provinces, but if the fund was spend in the peaceful provinces the result would be more better for the people of Afghanistan also for the UK people and government.