How to give your vote

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Many of the issues that the UK decides on are global. The electorate is not. Give Your Vote changes that.

The key is a simple act of solidarity: if you're a UK voter you can pledge your vote to someone in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana.

You’ll get a text message on the eve of the UK election telling you how someone in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana wants to vote.

How it all works

You register to give your vote.

Participants in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana send questions about UK policies to candidates from different political parties.

The answers will form manifestoes for each party, that will help people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana decide who to vote for.

They text their vote to a local number, which will then be sent to people in the UK who have pledged to vote on their behalf.

Alternatively: find someone yourself and pair up directly. Use facebook, twitter, the phonebook - whatever means you can find!

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