Shake Up Democracy

Give Your Vote is a campaign for democracy in a global world.

It’s simple: you give your vote to someone in Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana. They use it to be part of the debate on decisions that affect them by casting a real vote in the 2010 UK election.

Together we're calling for a world where people have an equal say in the decisions that affect them, no matter where they are.

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Wednesday, 21 April, 2010 - 2pm
If one has not become accustomed to the idea of waiting then they will find it very difficult to conduct life in Ghana. Exercising patience is as vital a survival skill here as the constant urge to...
Friday, 16 April, 2010 - 1pm
Agnes' missives from Give Your Vote Ghana... Water privatisation before I came to Ghana to work on the Use a UK Vote campaign was just a term we used in lesson to describe policies from the IMF and...
Thursday, 15 April, 2010 - 4pm
Election overload much? Here come the Lib Dems to our rescue. Their manifesto is a welcome 57 pages, pointed and succinct. Speaking of which, they also have at least 5 glossy photos of Clegg in...
Thursday, 15 April, 2010 - 4pm
Our task gets longer but no rest for the wicked. The Tory manifesto came in at 130 pages. All that hope, aspiration and fervour can get pretty tiring. Leave it with us. So, what did the manifesto...
Wednesday, 14 April, 2010 - 4pm
When we got to the Bay of Bengal we took a boat to Atique's home island of Kutubdia. At the turn of the 20th Century this island was 250km in diameter, it is now 38km, with a population of 40,000...
Tuesday, 13 April, 2010 - 2pm
FEAR NOT brave global electorate, we’ve saved you the bother of reading through the Labour manifesto by trawling through all 78 pages of it and quoting the foreign policy highlights. And sneaky as...
Monday, 12 April, 2010 - 12pm
Kabul, Afghanistan---The ‘Use a UK Vote’ campaign was inaugurated with meetings, murals, interviews and great curiosity in both Ghana and Bangladesh last week. The variety of responses from those...
Saturday, 10 April, 2010 - 1pm
Agnes' missives from Give Your Vote Ghana... To mark the launch of the Use a UK Vote campaign we constructed a mural on La Wireless in La to raise awareness about the current unequal division of...
Friday, 9 April, 2010 - 12pm
Agnes' missives from the Give Your Vote Campaign in Accra: I arrived in the humid heat of darkness at approximately 11pm where I was picked up by Kojo and Richardson, two local activists from La,...
Thursday, 8 April, 2010 - 8pm
Dhaka!!!! Three days feels like three weeks, and three weeks is what we have to make Give Your Vote and Use a UK Vote, as it is called in Bangladesh..  enormous..!!  Â...
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