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3. Volunteer!

This is a campaign run by volunteers in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ghana and the UK (and a few other countries..). It's their energy and commitment that's making this all happen. Contact team [@] to get involved.

4. Become a Social Media activist!

Become a fan of the facebook page, follow the campaign on twitter, blog about it (we'll link back to it in the buzz), discuss the campaign in forums and chat rooms.

5. Put up posters!

Download our slick posters, print them big, and stick them all over the place. We've got a few printed already so if you can put them up in your university or place of work - email team [@]

6. Give some cash!

Dozens of volunteers have put thousands of hours into making this campaign, but there are some things that we have to pay for, and for that we need money. Please donate a fiver or £500 it'll all go to good use to help run an election across four continents!