Your questions answered here

Sure this is legal?

Yes! There's nothing illegal about Give Your Vote. Everyone is free to vote as they please and the system is voluntary and without charge!

How do I know that you're not going to manipulate this system? How can I trust you?

Good question. We decided we wanted to give our votes and so we created a system that others could use too. However, we're encouraging people to pair up directly, outside our website. Find someone abroad affected by UK policy and start a conversation with them and make this election global!

What if I want to vote myself?

Then go right ahead. If you feel passionately about voting in your constituency then we’re not asking you to stop. Democracy is just as important on the local level as the global. We'd just like people to think about the lack of democracy in global issues.

How have the people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana been selected?

They haven’t. Anybody in these countries can participate. All they need is a mobile phone. We're not choosing who should be entitled to have a say. This project is about letting people speak for themselves.

How much do the parties’ development/foreign policies differ? Publicising those differences would be a far better way of getting them up the agenda at the election – then people might even factor it into their own voting choice.

Elections are fought on national issues because that is where the electorate is. That’s essentially the point of this project. If you expand the electorate, you expand the issues. If we just publicised any existing differences in party policy and expected UK citizens to take them into account, we’d still be assuming that it should be up to a certain group of people to decide what’s best for others.

Is this anything other than symbolism? Will it have a real effect?

Absolutely. These are real people, using real votes, deciding on issues where the UK affects them. This has never been done before so everyone who participates is making history.

What system of government would these people advocate in an ideal world? Would they want everyone to be involved in everyone else’s government?

Give Your Vote is not a solution to global political inequality. It’s a way of taking action against it. It’s creating an opportunity to think afresh about how we want global decisions to be made in the future. How do we want to address problems of climate change, finance, migration, poverty and war? We need to rethink our world for a more global age. Join the debate!