Ask Your Candidates!

Our partners in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana need your help in getting their questions answered. Follow the steps below to see how you can do it.

1. What's my constituency (voting area)?

Put your postcode into the box and we'll tell you!

2. Who are my candidates?

You can look up your candidates here by constituency name:

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3. What should I ask them?

Ask them one of the questions about the UK and Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana!

4. How do I ask them?

You can get answers for your questions from your candidates at a face to face meeting such as a surgery or hustings, (always most effective to get a direct response and don’t forget to film it and post it underneath one of the questions). You can also send them a letter or email. Don't forget to copy us into any emails ( and paste your replies under the relevant question!

If you're looking for inspiration as to what to write, here's a template you could use:

Dear [Candidate Name]

I am writing as your constituent to tell you that I am giving my vote in the coming election to someone from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Ghana.

I will be coming to the polling station on election day and casting my vote upon the advice of someone in one of these three countries, in protest at the lack of democracy in the way that global decisions are made and in solidarity with those outside the UK that our government affects.

As a British Member of Parliament, you will be involved in many decisions that affect people around the world who had no say in your election. Some of these decisions affect people more directly even than the policies of their own governments.

For example, UK troops are stationed in Afghanistan and UK policy decides where and how the millions of pounds of aid channelled to that country is spent. British carbon emissions are not being cut fast enough to save millions of Bangladeshis from becoming climate refugees. Britain and the EU continue to call the shots regarding Ghana’s control of its own economy because of unfair trade rules.

That is why, in the British 2010 elections, Give Your Vote are enabling UK citizens to give their votes to people in these three countries.

This is not about influencing the outcomes of the elections, but about giving people an equal say in the politics that affects them.

Your new constituents in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana would like to know what you and your party will be doing to address their problems in which the UK government wields significant influence.

Please could you respond to the following questions:


For more information, please see

Your sincerely



Let us know how it goes! -