Afghans demand answers from UK party officials ahead of casting their votes in the UK election in ‘global election hack’.

The Give Your Vote campaign is calling on all UK voters to take questions from individuals in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana who will be voting in the UK election to their parliamentary candidates and demand answers.

The campaign, backed by Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu, is being called 'a global election hack' by the organisers. Using text-messages, mobiles, laptops and the internet, they are crowd-sourcing a global manifesto for each of the main political parties.

The manifestos will be hotly debated across the three countries ahead of Global UK Election day at the end of the month where thousands are expected to vote by text message for their preferred parties.

The international votes will be cast in ballot boxes across the country by British citizens who are pledging to represent the vote of individuals around the world affected by UK government decisions.

Samuel Packer, a Give Your Vote coordinator said, “Whichever party wins this election will make decisions about climate change, trade and war that will directly impact the lives of millions around the world who cannot hold them accountable. That's not democratic. We’re demanding that candidates provide answers for their new constituency members who have as much of a right to be heard as anyone else.”

Shaqib, a social science student in Kabul said, “In the UK you can ask your politicians what they will do in the next four years and in Afghanistan I will not find out how my future will be decided until its too late – I will be voting for the party that pledges to lessen its troop presence in favour of more balanced aid distribution in Afghanistan– at the moment I think I will go for the Liberal Democrats”

Keith Allen, a UK actor who is giving his vote in the Stroud constituency in the election says, “if capitalism knows no boundaries neither do I!”

He is awaiting responses from his MP, David Drew, to questions from his paired voter in Bangladesh about his future commitments to climate change refugees.

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Notes to editors

1. Give Your Vote is a campaign run by Egality, a global network of activists campaigning for a word where "everyone everywhere has an equal say in the issues that affect them".

2. UK voters can pledged their votes to people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ghana in protest at the lack of democracy in international issues of climate change, migration, poverty and war.

3. Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu has endorsed the campaign, saying "we are now facing a global apartheid. We need to rethink our politics for today's world. We must strive for a global democracy, in which not only the rich and powerful have a say, but which treats everyone, everywhere with dignity and respect." Full endorsement here.